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Applied Drilling Intelligence

Turn complexity into clarity. Insight into action. gekko puts you in control of the drilling process, end to end, 24/7.

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gekko is the project management, daily drilling reporting, and data analytics software that enables oil & gas operators and drilling contractors to reduce risk, spot opportunities and optimise performance.

Our cloud-based software is the culmination of decades of experience in measuring drilling performance and delivering drilling optimisation strategies with tangible results. We use a proprietary coding system, automated in-house workflows, and expert QA/QC combined with our intuitive visual interface to usher in a new level of performance insights.

Who is gekko engineered for?

Gekko's modular approach provides a unique level of flexibility

  • Well Files

    Well Files

    Cloud-based flexible files and content management environment which includes powerful collaboration and audit features

  • Reporting & Performance

    Reporting & Performance

    An automated drilling visualisations and data mining tool combined with gekko drilling reporting template and its unique gekko activity coding system.

  • Trackers


    A range of project planning and tracking tools to manage Actions, Risks, Lessons Learned, and Management of Change

  • Manage


    A purposeful gated Kanban-style project management, workflow, collaboration and productivity tool. Integrated Gantt charting and visualisation tool, two way tethered to the Manage module.

  • Analytics


    Gekko’s unique activity coding system cuts through the noise by transforming around 50 rig and operational metrics into insight and KPIs. Operate in single rig / field mode or compare performance between rigs / fields.

  • Map


    Gekko Map provides a temporal and geospatial environment that allows the user to display a diverse set of data such as bathymetry maps, subsea and surface architecture, well position and geohazards. The module also allows you to track supply-vessel positions in real-time.

  • Weather


    Instant weather map and 7 day forecasting for your offshore operations. Set weather windows based on the forecasted wave and wind data and projected ahead to see how it might impact your operations.

  • Communications


    Integrated lightweight instant messaging and on-demand video conferencing facilities. The system has the ability to send and receive light video streams from your operations either being a rig, supply or seize vessel.

Drill Deeper: Features

Drill-down visualisations and reporting

Powerful data visualisations and analytics for at-a-glance insight into performance

Excel-based daily drilling reporting

Enjoy dependable DDR reportage and easily share information worldwide. The user can choose to adopt the gekko standard DDR template or use its own. If you are already using a reporting system but you prefer our visualisations and analysis then gekko can convert and scrape your current DDR’s into the platform.

Time v Bit Depth

Just hover over to understand what is happening at that specific point.

Non-productive time

Immediately identify the problem operation with gekko visualisation system.

Fully searchable database

Effortlessly access current and historical information and drilling activities.


Operate in single rig / field mode or


Compare your activity between multiple rigs / fields.

Project management platform

Keep teams aligned and deliver projects on time with integrated, intuitive, project management tools for improved scrutiny, transparency, implementation and auditability.

Management of change

Transparent auditable online management of change feature which includes a digital approval service.

Risk management and lessons learnt

Embedded risk register that is easily update throughout the project life cycle and simple-to-use tool to capture lessons as they are learnt.

Built-in mapping, logistics and SIMOPS tool

Incorporate geographical data into decision making - understand the geography, contextualise your geospatial data, track your assets and optimise performance.

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