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Data-Driven Drilling

Turn complexity into clarity. Insight into action. gekko puts you in control of the drilling process, end to end, 24/7.

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Key benefits

  • Elevate clarity and performance

  • Data-driven transformation

  • Increase team efficiency

  • Identify and reduce risks

  • Project governance made easy

gekko is the cloud-based data and project management tool that enables you to reduce risk, seize opportunities and boost performance. Combining data management, collaboration and analytics tools, it helps you do more, with less.

Information Overload

As drilling professionals, we know there’s no shortage of data out there. Alongside Daily Drilling Reports (DDRs) are a myriad of datasets, PDFs, Word and Excel files. It can quickly become a drain on time, money and effort, rather than an opportunity to spot trends, make impactful decisions and reduce costs.

We’ve experienced the complexity, the frustrations, the pressures of extracting value from information; managing multiple projects, across disparate stakeholders and remote locations. Which is why we developed gekko.

Challenges. Solved.

  • Manage your wells delivery process

  • Collaborate from concept to execution

  • Access and share data from anywhere at anytime

  • Harness and analyse your drilling data

  • Safely and securely archive your DDRs

  • Consolidate your data in a single, auditable platform

Fast, Agile, Adaptable

gekko is a cloud-based, fully-customisable platform that puts you in control. It harvests all your DDR data into a single, dynamic and searchable database with information presented in a clear, actionable format. Simply send your DDRs and mash-up with other datasets and gekko will transform them into straightforward, easy-to-read drilling data and insights.

Offering more than purely database and drilling analytics, gekko also features built-in modules that allow you to manage projects more efficiently, track and manage change, reduce risk and proactively communicate with your teams in new and innovative ways. From concept to execution, subsurface to screen, gekko makes it easy.

Make the Change

Change may seem hard, but we make it easy. Simply carry out your day to day reporting as usual and use our standard DDR Excel template to submit your data. Or, if you prefer to continue using your existing template, we can customise the portal to suit you.

As gekko leverages tried and trusted workflows and tools, there’s no need to learn new skills. You already know all the essentials. And, if there are any knowledge gaps, we’ll help you fill them in.

Six Reasons Why

  • Harness your data

    Harness your data

    Understand drilling performance with clear analysis, detailed dashboards and daily graphs. Observe KPIs, downtime, time-depth-cost performance and many benchmarking metrics to optimise well performance.

  • A seamless fit

    A seamless fit

    Get started easily and improve your workflows without changing your Excel-based approach.

  • Safe and sound

    Safe and sound

    Automatically store drilling-related documents and DDRs for archiving and active auditing. Never worry about losing or not being able to find a file again.

  • Ready to go

    Ready to go

    Designed for easy deployment and ease of use, gekko requires no specialist training or software installation. Because it’s cloud-based, access anywhere, anytime.

  • Flexible and far-reaching

    Flexible and far-reaching

    Manage all aspects of your well project from concept through to execution. Plus, use gekko to monitor progress and share information with stakeholders.

  • Affordable asset

    Affordable asset

    There is no solution more economical and flexible on the market. Unlimited users, flat pricing and no hidden costs.

Drill Deeper: Features

Excel-based daily drilling report

Enjoy dependable DDR reportage and easily share information worldwide.

Drill-down visualisations and reporting

Powerful data visualisations and analytics for at-a-glance insight into performance.

Fully searchable database

Effortlessly access current and historical operational info and drilling activities.

Project management platform

Keep teams aligned and deliver projects on time with integrated, intuitive project management tools for improved scrutiny, transparency, implementation and auditability.

Management of change

Transparent and auditable online management of change feature which includes a digital approvals process.

Risk management and lessons learnt

Embedded risk register that is easily updated throughout the project life cycle and a simple-to-use tool to capture lessons as they’re learnt.

Embedded comms tools

Instantly message and hold video and audio calls with team members around the world.

Built-in mapping, logistics and SIMOPS tools

Incorporate geographical data into decision making – understand the geography, contextualise your geospatial data, track your assets and optimise performance.


Unlock insights and fix inefficiencies. Start benefitting from gekko’s unified approach to drilling data today.

  • Reporting

    For basic DDR features and functionality. Start your transformation and modernisation journey. Build a drilling performance data asset.

    • Advanced DDR Reporting
    • Activity and Performance visualisations
    • NPT Breakdown
    • Time-depth analyses
    • Advanced DDR search features
    • User roles and management
  • Project

    Everything in Reporting, plus:

    • Unlimited upload and storage
    • Kanban task and project management
    • Gantt view
    • Management of change
    • Action tracker
    • Risk register
    • Embedded communication tools - instant messaging, video calls
    • Powerful mapping technologies

    Our most popular package

  • Custom

    Choose exactly what you need.

    • Our framework and tools customised to fit your exact requirements
    • Total bespoke service
    • Take your workflows to the next level
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